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This study provides new information on the response of the immune system of Mytilus edulis exposed to untreated and treated sewage, linking immune response to ecologically relevant endpoints, such as(More)
The water-soluble fraction (WSF) of crude oil is a complex highly volatile and toxic mixture of hydrocarbon chains (polyaromatics, heterocyclics), phenols, and heterocyclic compounds containing(More)
We previously reported that long-term (54 days), repeated intraperitoneal exposure to low doses of tributyltin (TBT; 0.3 mg/kg) inhibited the metabolic activation of co-administered benzo[a]pyrene(More)
Trahira (Hoplias malabaricus) used to investigate the effects of successive Pb(II) or tributyltin (TBT) dietary doses. After 70 days of acclimation, individuals were exposed to 21 microg Pbg(-1) or(More)
Tributyltin (TBT) is widely used as a biocide in antifouling paints. Astyanax bimaculatus adult fish were acclimatized in a laboratory and isolated in groups of eight individuals. Two groups were(More)
The diagnosis of Kudoa funduli (Hahn, 1915) Meglitsch, 1948 (Myxozoa), is supplemented through study of new material collected from Fundulus heteroclitus (Cyprinodontidae) in coastal waters of Nova(More)
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