Fabiola Gianotti

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We propose a new set of supersymmetric benchmark scenarios, taking into account the constraints from LEP, b → sγ, g µ − 2 and cosmology. We work in the context of the constrained MSSM (CMSSM) with universal soft supersymetry-breaking masses and assume that R parity is conserved. We propose benchmark points that exemplify the different generic possibilities,(More)
Data from high-energy physics (HEP) experiments are collected with significant financial and human effort and are mostly unique. An inter-experimental study group on HEP data preservation and long-term analysis was convened as a panel of the International Committee for Future Accelerators (ICFA). The group was formed by large collider-based experiments and(More)
Most recent results from the searches for new particles at LEP, Tevatron and HERA, presented at the 2001 Summer Conferences, are reviewed. Prospects at future machines (LHC and Linear Colliders) are also discussed. The emphasis is put on the quest for Higgs bosons, Supersymmetry, Extra-dimensions and Flavour-Changing Neutral Current processes. In each case,(More)
A large number of precision measurements will be possible with the ATLAS and CMS experiments at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC). It is well known since many years that the LHC has a large discovery potential for new physics, e.g. Higgs and Supersymmetry (SUSY), owing to the large centre-of-mass energy (√ s=14 TeV) and high design luminosity (10 34 cm(More)
Searches for gauge mediated supersymmetry breaking at ALEPH with centre–of–mass energies up to 209 GeV A total of 628 pb −1 of data collected with the ALEPH detector at centre-of-mass energies from 189 to 209 GeV is analysed in the search for gauge mediated supersymmetry breaking (GMSB) topologies. In this framework, a novel search for six-lepton final(More)
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