Fabiola Carvalho Lopes dos Santos

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Like other eukaryotes, the nuclear genome of plants consists of DNA with a small proportion of low-copy DNA (genes and regulatory sequences) and very abundant DNA sequence motifs that are repeated thousands up to millions of times in the genomes including transposable elements (TEs) and satellite DNA. Retrotransposons, one class of TEs, are sequences that(More)
We consider the photon field between an unusual configuration of infinite parallel plates: a perfectly conducting plate (ǫ → ∞) and an infinitely permeable one µ → ∞). After quantizing the vector potential in the Coulomb gauge, we obtain explicit expressions for the vacuum expectation values of field operators of the form < ˆ E i ˆ E j > 0 and < ˆ B i ˆ B j(More)
It is well known that for the case of two neutral but electrically polarizable atoms the consideration or not of retardation effects on the dispersive van der Waals force between them leads essentially to different power laws for the forces; while the retarded force is proportional to 1/r 8 , where r is the distance between the atoms, the non-retarded force(More)
Several species belonging to the genus Entamoeba can colonize the mouth or the human gut; however, only Entamoeba histolytica is pathogenic to the host, causing the disease amoebiasis. This illness is responsible for one hundred thousand human deaths per year worldwide, affecting mainly underdeveloped countries. Throughout its entire life cycle and invasion(More)
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