Fabiola Aureli

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Macaque societies are typically characterized by despotic dominance styles and strong bonds between related individuals. Interspecies variation in dominance style, however, has been recently documented. This study investigated whether kinship effects on social interactions vary depending on the species dominance style. Reconciliation was chosen as as a(More)
The present paper suggests methodological improvements for the study of reconciliation, i.e. affiliative interactions between former opponents shortly after agonistic conflicts. Three methods have been suggested to determine whether post-conflict affiliation between former opponents is higher than what would be expected by chance. Two of these methods may(More)
Heart rate telemetry was explored as a means to access animal emotion during social interactions under naturalistic conditions. Heart rates of 2 middle-ranking adult females living in a large group of rhesus macaques (Macaca mulatta) were recorded along with their behavior. Heart rate changes during 2 types of interactions were investigated, while(More)
POPULATION GROWTH has been thought, since the time of Thomas Malthus, to produce dire consequences such as disease, scarcity and social deviancy. This dark view seemed confirmed by rodent studies. Yet little evidence suggests that people are similarly affected: we seem to handle large crowds quite well for the most part.
This is the first study to investigate the short-term effects of high population density on captive chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes). Subjects of the study were 45 chimpanzees living in five different groups at the Yerkes Regional Primate Research Center. The groups were observed under two conditions: 1) when they had access to both the indoor and outdoor(More)
Properties of a few familiar structures (natural numbers, nested lists, lattices) are formally speci ed in Tarski-Givant's map calculus, with the aim of bringing to light new translation techniques that may bridge the gap between rst-order predicate calculus and the map calculus. It is also highlighted to what extent a state-of-the-art theorem-prover for(More)
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