Fabio Valsecchi

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We studied the relationships between magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and the Luria-Nebraska Neuropsychological Battery (LNNB) in 64 patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (MS). MRI films were scored according to arbitrary descriptive criteria designed to emphasize patterns of alterations. Five groups were created: group 1 and 2 had typical(More)
In the last few years, Linked Open Data sources have extremely increased in number. Despite their enormous potential , it is really hard to find effective and efficient ways for navigating and exploring them, mainly because of complexity and volume issues. In fact, application developers, students and researchers that are not experts in Semantic Web(More)
Forty patients with symptoms and signs of radicular disease or spinal cord involvement secondary to cervical spondylosis were studied with myelography (using nonionic water-soluble contrast medium) followed by computed tomographic (CT) myelography. In 17 patients CT was also performed before myelography. CT myelography adds useful information to the(More)
In the context of the digitization of manuscripts, transcription and annotation are often distinct, sequential steps. This could lead to diculties in improving the transcribed text when annotations have already been dened. In order to avoid this, we devised an approach which merges the two steps into the same process. Text Encoder and Annotator (TEA) is a(More)
Tax evasion is a widespread phenomenon confirmed by numerous European and American reports. To contrast it, governments already adopt software solutions that support tax inspectors in their investigations. However, the currently existing systems do not normally take advantage of the constant stream of data published on the Web. Instead, the ASIA project(More)
Linked Data sets are an ever-growing, invaluable source of information and knowledge. However, the wide adoption of this large amount of interlinked structured data is still held back by some non-trivial obstacles. The one we tackle in this article is the difficulty users have in getting started with their work on Linked Data sources. In fact, querying, and(More)
During a 4 year period, 48 patients were treated with balloon catheters. There were 39 fistulas and nine aneurysms. Detachable balloons with a modified Debrun technique were used in 37 patients. Different kinds of technical problems were encountered. The arterial axis remained patent in 29 of the 37 fistulas; in the two mixed internal and external(More)
Three patients with angiographic and CT findings of cerebral sinovenous occlusion are described. Filling defects within the venous pathways are well demonstrated by angiography. Some of the most characteristic CR signs are here described. Full evaluation, including the clinical history, angiography and computed tomography is essential.
Thirty-three patients have been treated with balloon catheters since 1978. Debrun's detachable balloons were used in 31 and a Fogarty catheter in the other two. Problems were encountered from the introduction of the catheter to the detachment of the balloon. We have treated 21 fistulas between the internal carotid and cavernous sinus, 3 fistulas between the(More)
A simple fistula between the external carotid artery and the internal jugular vein was treated for the first time using Debrun's technique with a detachable balloon catheter. The nature of the fistulous connection makes the release of the balloon inflated with silicone completely harmless. The occlusion of the fistula, while maintaining the patency of the(More)
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