Fabio Valdes

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Repeated seizures, whether induced by kindling or electroshock, result in increased numbers of benzodiazepine receptors in hippocampal formation membranes. We sought to determine the cellular constituents containing the receptor increases. Binding studies of microdissected samples localized the receptor increases to fascia dentata. [3H]Flunitrazepam(More)
Sarcomatoid Carcinoma (SC) is an unusual and aggressive variant of squamous cell carcinoma, which frequently recurs and metastasizes; for this reason, the right diagnosis is very important. It is considered to be a biphasic tumor made up of cells from squamous and spindle cells carcinoma with a sarcomatous aspect, but of epithelial origin. The diagnosis(More)
The benzomorphan subpopulation of opiate binding sites was labeled by [3H]diprenorphine in the presence of unlabeled ligands selected to quench mu and delta opiate binding sites. The distribution of benzomorphan binding sites was then localized autoradiographically. Areas particularly enriched in these sites were nucleus solitarius, nucleus ambiguus,(More)
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