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This communication deals with a theoretical study of the hot spot onset (HSO) in cellular bipolar power transistors. This well-known phenomenon consists of a current crowding within few cells occurring for high power conditions, which significantly decreases the forward safe operating area (FSOA) of the device. The study was performed on a virtual sample by(More)
We report a cascaded optical link of 1100 km for ultra-stable frequency distribution over an Internet fiber network. The link is composed of four spans for which the propagation noise is actively compensated. The robustness and the performance of the link are ensured by five fully automated optoelectronic stations, two of them at the link ends, and three(More)
Leveraging the unrivalled performance of optical clocks as key tools for geo-science, for astronomy and for fundamental physics beyond the standard model requires comparing the frequency of distant optical clocks faithfully. Here, we report on the comparison and agreement of two strontium optical clocks at an uncertainty of 5 × 10(-17) via a newly(More)
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