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Patterns of methylation at lysine 4 and 27 of histone H3 have been associated with states of gene activation and repression that are developmentally regulated and are thought to underlie the establishment of lineage specific gene expression programs. Recent studies have provided fundamental insight into the problem of lineage specification by comparing(More)
The pcp2/L7 gene is characterized by its very cell type-specific expression restricted to cerebellar Purkinje cells and retinal bipolar neurons. Although remarkable progress as to the biochemical properties of the encoded protein has been made, knowledge on its physiological functions remains sparse. While characterizing a pcp2-driven transgenic strain, we(More)
Ca2+-binding proteins containing EF-hands are important constituents of intracellular signaling pathways. Recently, three new members of the Neuronal Calcium Sensor subgroup have been cloned in humans. Calsenilin interacts with presenilins, DREAM is a calcium-regulated transcriptional repressor and KChIP3 binds and modulates A-type potassium channels. Here(More)
The C26 colon carcinoma is resistant to systemic recombinant inter leukin 12 (rIL-12) therapy. Transduction of C26 with genes encoding the two subunits of murine IL-12 to release 30†" 80pg/ml resulted in delayed tumor onset after injection of 5 X i(P ceUs into syngeneic BALB/c mice and in 40% tumor regression after injection into CD4-depleted mice. Here,(More)
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