Fabio Scoppa

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the association between cigarette smoking, alcohol drinking, coffee consumption and Parkinson's disease (PD). METHODS We selected subjects affected by idiopathic PD, with a Mini-Mental State Examination of > or =24, and controls matched 1 to 1 with cases by age (+/- 2 years) and sex. Controls were randomly selected from the(More)
Several statements on the still debated issue of stabilometry standardization were agreed upon by the ISPGR Standardization Committee. * A set of metrological characteristics for stabilometric platforms was defined. * Relying both on practice and experimental verification it was agreed that, to obtain appropriate accuracy and sensitivity in the Romberg(More)
The risk of falling is rather high among elderly people. Indexes obtained through the Romberg stabilometric test on a force platform have been suggested to be correlated with the risk of falling. This work aimed to test the effectiveness of auriculopuncture and ultralow-power laserpuncture versus placebo (sham stimulation) in improving postural control in(More)
The lack of certain etiopathogenetic elements and the numerous clinical-descriptive classifications of primary headaches has brought the research-workers to elaborate a chrono-pathological classification of pain in the primary headaches. So, they present a chrono-nosography and they suggest that the continuous form of primary headaches can be divided into(More)
In the present study, the authors show that 1, 25 (OH)2 D3 given to hemodialyzed patients taking Al (OH)3, increased their plasma concentrations of Al. Two mechanism can explain this increase: increased intestinal absorption or decreased tissue storage of Al.