Fabio Scarabotti

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The representation theory of the symmetric groups is a classical topic that, since the pioneering work of Frobenius, Schur and Young, has grown into a huge body of theory, with many important connections to other areas of mathematics and physics. This self-contained book provides a detailed introduction to the subject, covering classical topics such as the(More)
Let L be an irreducible regular language. Let W be a non-empty set of words (or sub-words) of L and denote by L = {v∈ L:w ❁ v; ∀w∈W} the language obtained from L by forbidding all the words w in W . Then the entropy decreases strictly: ent(L )¡ ent(L). In this note we present a new proof of this fact, based on a method of Gromov, which avoids the Perron–(More)
We generalize a construction of Dunkl, obtaining a wide class intertwining functions on the symmetric group and a related family of multidimensional Hahn polynomials. Following a suggestion of Vilenkin and Klymik, we develop a tree-method approach for those intertwining functions. We also give a group theoretic proof of the relation between Hahn polynomials(More)
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