Fabio Santagati

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We previously reported close physical linkage between Pax9 and Nkx2-9 in the human, mouse, and pufferfish (Fugu rubripes) genomes. In this study, we analyzed cis-regulatory elements of the two genes by comparative sequencing in the three species and by transgenesis in the mouse. We identified two regions including conserved noncoding sequences that(More)
As a first step towards the identification of cis-regulatory elements of Pax9 by means of comparative genomics, we have analyzed genome regions encompassing the Pax9 gene in three vertebrate species, humans, mice (Mus musculus), and the Japanese pufferfish (Fugu rubripes). We show the genomic organization of Pax9 and its physical association with Nkx2-9(More)
Previous studies have indicated that the Undulated short-tail deletion mutation in mouse Pax1 (Pax1(Un-s)) not only ablates Pax1, but also disturbs a gene or genes nearby Pax1. However, which gene(s) is involved and how the Pax1(Un-s) phenotype is confined to the Pax1-positive tissues remain unknown. In the present study, we determined the Pax1(Un-s)(More)
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