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A Cartesian impedance control for UAVs equipped with a robotic arm is presented in this paper. A dynamic relationship between generalized external forces acting on the structure and the system motion, which is specified in terms of Cartesian space coordinates, is provided. Through a suitable choice of such variables and with respect to a given task, thanks(More)
An estimator of external generalized forces (force plus moments) acting on aerial platforms, and based on the momentum of the mechanical system, is proposed for the control of VToL UAVs together with a hierarchical architecture separating the translational and rotational dynamics of the vehicle. The closed-loop system equations are shaped as mechanical(More)
A points surface reconstruction algorithm of 3D object models from multiple silhouettes is proposed in this paper. Some images of the target object are taken from a circular trajectory by a robot with a camera mounted in an eye-in-hand configuration. The silhouettes of the observed object are evaluated for each view using a blob analysis process, and from(More)
After discussing the rationale for an LHC upgrade and various performance limitations of the nominal LHC, several alternative upgrade scenarios and options are presented. There are two reasons for considering an upgrade of the LHC after about 6 years of operation. They are illustrated in Fig. 1, which goes back to J. Strait [1]. The figure illustrates two(More)
—A method for fast visual grasping of unknown objects with a multi-fingered robotic hand is presented in this paper. The algorithm is composed of an object surface reconstruction algorithm and a local grasp planner, evolving in parallel. The reconstruction algorithm makes use of images taken by a camera carried by the robot arm. A virtual elastic(More)
This paper presents stabilization control of a rolling manipulation system called the disk-on-disk. The system consists of two disks in which the upper disk (object) is free to roll on the lower disk (hand) under the influence of gravity. The goal is to stabilize the object at the unstable upright position directly above the hand. We use backstepping to(More)
A multilayer architecture to control multirotor UAVs equipped with a servo robot arm is proposed in this paper. The main purpose is to control the aerial platform taking into account the presence of the moving manipulator. Three layers are considered in this work. First, a novel mechanism is proposed considering a moving battery to counterweight the statics(More)
An important issue in controlling a multi-fingered robotic hand grasping an object is the evaluation of the minimal contact forces able to guarantee the stability of the grasp and its feasibility. This problem can be solved online if suitable sensing information is available. In detail, using finger tactile information and contact force measurements, an(More)
In this paper, a kinematic model for motion coordination of a redundant multi-fingered robotic hand is derived, which allows to compute the object pose from the joint variables of each finger as well as from a suitable set of contact variables. Then, a prioritized inverse kinematics scheme with redundancy resolution, both with inverse and transpose Jacobian(More)