Fabio Rosso

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We consider a quasi steady laminar axisymmetric flow of Bingham type under the assumption that the yield stress increases at a rate proportional to the internal power dissipation. Such a behaviour has been observed in coal-water slurries. Many different cases can occur (including the appearance of a rigid shell at the boundary of the pipeline), which are(More)
Cyclodextrins are known to form inclusion complexes in acqueous solutions with various types of organic substance, also a lot of hydrophobic drugs. Drugs/beta CD complexes obtained applying different techniques, eventually in solid state, usually show an improvement of solubility or at last in dissolution characteristics. In the present work, drug-bCD(More)
In this paper we describe how to obtain wax diffusivity and solubility in a saturated crude oil using the measurements of solid wax deposit in the experimental apparatus known as cold finger. Assuming that migration of dissolved wax is primarily driven by thermal gradients, mathematical models are derived relating the deposit growth rate to the above(More)
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