Fabio Ronchi

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An advanced control strategy of shunt active filters (SAF) aiming to compensate for harmonic current in the electric supply grid is proposed. The SAF considered here is suitable for three-phase three-wire current harmonic compensation and is based on AC/DC three-phase boost converter topology. Robust control of the active-reactive current/power delivered by(More)
Shunt active filters are used to compensate for electric current harmonics in the line grid. In this paper the internal model principle is exploited to achieve asymptotic harmonics cancellation. A detailed tuning procedure for this kind of controller is provided, keeping into account the effects of digital implementation. Extensive experimental results show(More)
The surfactant complex, thanks to its multiple actions including decrease of surface- tension and antimicrobial activity, plays a fundamental role in newborn survival, lowering the risk of respiratory distress syndrome. The aim of this work was to determine if the synthesis of two surfactant proteins (SP), SPA and pro-SPB, shows some inter-individual(More)
A double-blind crossover study of the alpha-blocker Nicergoline was carried out in sixteen patients affected by benign prostatic bladder outflow obstruction. The "irritative" symptoms of prostatic hypertrophy, including nocturnal frequency and dysuria, were improved after Nicergoline significantly more than after placebo. In 10 further patients with(More)
After the good results of "necessary" conservative surgery in the treatment of kidney neoplasms (bilateral neoplasms, congenital, acquired or functional solitary kidney), conservative surgery itself has been employed as elective treatment in selected cases presenting without the overmentioned problems. The authors report two cases of elective conservative(More)
Hyperthyroid syndromes can be approached in three different ways: medical, surgical and radiant. The medical therapy concerning the treatment of Basedow's disease is based on the extended use of thionamide drugs, which inhibits thyroid hormone biosynthesis and allows progressive recovery to normal glandular function. Agranulocytosis has been reported as the(More)