Fabio Ronchi

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An advanced control strategy of shunt active filters (SAF) aiming to compensate for harmonic current in the electric supply grid is proposed. The SAF considered here is suitable for three-phase three-wire current harmonic compensation and is based on AC/DC three-phase boost converter topology. Robust control of the active-reactive current/power delivered by(More)
Shunt active filters are used to compensate for electric current harmonics in the line grid. In this paper the internal model principle is exploited to achieve asymptotic harmonics cancellation. A detailed tuning procedure for this kind of controller is provided, keeping into account the effects of digital implementation. Extensive experimental results show(More)
The paper presents the control of a power supply feeding a quadrupole magnet of a booster synchrotron. The supply equipment is based on a switching architecture where current sharing and interleaving techniques are adopted to minimize the volt-age/current ripple. Internal model principle is exploited in the control design to guarantee extremely accurate(More)
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