Fabio Pucci

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Functional telomeres are critical for stem cell proliferation; however, whether they are equally important for the stability of stem cell differentiation is not known. We found that mouse embryonic stem cells (ESCs) with critically short telomeres (Tert(-/-) ESCs) initiated normal differentiation after leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) withdrawal but, unlike(More)
Telomeres are the terminal structures at the ends of linear chromosomes that represent a solution to the end replication problem. Specific binding of the six-protein subunit complex shelterin to telomeric, repetitive TTAGGG DNA sequences contributes to the stable architecture and maintenance of telomeres. Proteins involved in the DNA damage response are(More)
In this paper a composite framework for collaborative working is presented. The framework includes real-time motion tracking based on computer vision from standard webcams situated at different locations, data transmission and real-time animation of 3D avatars in a virtual world. Motion tracking is obtained without using markers, with weak constraints on(More)
In this paper a multi-user motion capture system is presented, where users work from separate locations and interact in a common virtual environment. The system functions well on low-end personal computers; it implements a natural human/machine interaction due to the complete absence of markers and weak constraints on users’ clothes and environment(More)
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