Fabio Pavanello

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Data transport across short electrical wires is limited by both bandwidth and power density, which creates a performance bottleneck for semiconductor microchips in modern computer systems--from mobile phones to large-scale data centres. These limitations can be overcome by using optical communications based on chip-scale electronic-photonic systems enabled(More)
A new thermal tuning circuit for optical ring modulators enables demonstration of an optical chip-to-chip link for the first time with monolithically integrated photonic devices in a commercial 45nm SOI process, without any process changes. The tuning circuit uses independent 1/0 level-tracking and 1/0 bit counting to remain resilient against laser(More)
We demonstrate a W-band bolometer based on a platinum nano-strip which is integrated with a waveguide probe on a polymer substrate. We measure a high thermal response of 49000 K/W thanks to the small size of the Pt resistor and the thermal properties of the polymer. Furthermore, its small thermal capacity allows to decrease the time constant to 2.2 ms. A(More)
Correlated photon pairs are a fundamental building block of quantum photonic systems. While pair sources have previously been integrated on silicon chips built using customized photonics manufacturing processes, these often take advantage of only a small fraction of the established techniques for microelectronics fabrication and have yet to be integrated in(More)
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