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We develop a proximity function between an individual and a population from a distance between multivariate observations. We study some properties of this construction and apply it to a distance{based discrimination rule, which contains the classic linear discriminant function as a particular case. Additionally, this rule can be used advantageously for(More)
To propose a new feature extraction method with canonical solution for multi-class brain-computer interfaces (BCI). The proposed method should provide a reduced number of canonical discriminant spatial patterns (CDSP) and rank the channels sorted by power discriminability (DP) between classes. The feature extractor relays in canonical variates analysis(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with end-stage heart failure are often refractory to maximal oral therapy, and they have high mortality rates, poor quality of life, and frequent hospitalizations with elevated health care costs. Intermittent dobutamine therapy has been suggested as an additional option in this clinical setting. METHODS AND RESULTS Thirty-eight(More)
BACKGROUND The shortage of organ donors and the amelioration of medical management of advanced heart failure mandate strict selection of heart transplant candidates on the basis of the need and probability of success of transplantation, with the aim of maximizing survival of patients with advanced heart failure, both with and without transplantation. This(More)
BACKGROUND After 13 years of transplant experience in our center, we analyzed the results in the overall population and in particular subgroups of heart transplant recipients. We tried to identify risk factors for both early (3 months) and late (over 3 months) mortality after heart transplantation. METHODS The data on 461 patients transplanted from(More)
BACKGROUND Combined heart-kidney transplantation (HKTx) is an accepted therapeutic option for patients with end-stage heart disease associated with severely impaired renal function. We report our long-term follow-up with this combined procedure. PATIENTS AND METHODS Between April 1989 to November 2009, nine patients underwent combined simultaneous (HKTx)(More)
AIM OF THE STUDY Pulmonary hypertension is known to affect prognosis of cardiac allograft recipients. Aim of this study is to elucidate the mechanisms relating preoperative hemodynamics to early post-transplant mortality. METHODS Hemodynamic and pre- and postoperative clinical data of 122 heart transplant recipients were reviewed with respect to early(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with heart failure refractory to optimal oral pharmacologic therapy have a dismal short term prognosis. Heart transplantation is the only therapy shown to improve survival in these patients. Unfortunately, due to the critical shortage of donor organs, approximately 30% of listed patients with end-stage heart failure die before a suitable(More)
BACKGROUND Histopathologic criteria for grading of acute cardiac allograft rejection are focused on the most severe lesion that is recognized among the myocardial fragments provided by each endomyocardial biopsy specimen. Considering the distribution of rejection lesions among all the fragments improved the accuracy in characterizing the severity of(More)