Fabio Moretti

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In this paper we present a study of the application of Evolutionary Computation methods to the optimisation of the start-up of a combined cycle power plant. We propose a multiobjective approach considering different objectives for the optimisation in order to reduce the pollution emissions and to maximise the efficiency of the plant. We compare a(More)
The chemical composition of carbonaceous aerosols collected during the LBA-SMOCC field experiment, conducted in Rondônia, Brazil, in 2002 during the transition from the dry to the wet season, was investigated by a suite of advanced analytical techniques. The period of most intense biomass burning was characterized by high concentra-5 tions of submicron(More)
Water soluble organic compounds (WSOC) in aerosol samples collected in the Amazon Basin in a period encompassing the middle/late dry season and the beginning of the wet season, were investigated by H NMR spectroscopy. HiVol filter samples (PM 2.5 and PM>2.5) and size-segregated samples from multistage impactor were subjected 5 to H NMR characterization. The(More)
The paper demonstrates the importance of feature selection for recurrent neural network applied to problem of one hour ahead forecasting of thermal comfort for office building heated by gas. Although the accuracy of the forecasting is similar for both the feed-forward and the recurrent network, the removal of features leads to accuracy reduction much(More)
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