Fabio Montanha Ramos

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1 2 u 2) + ∂ 2 x u + ∂ 4 x u = 0 is a " normal form " for many processes which lead to complex dynamics in space and time (one example is the roughening of the crystal surface in epitaxial growth). Numerical simulations show that after an initial layer, the statistical properties of the solution are independent of the initial data and the system size L(More)
The Navier-Stokes-Voigt (NSV) model of viscoelastic incompress-ible fluid has been recently proposed as a regularization of the 3D Navier-Stokes equations for the purpose of direct numerical simulations. In this work we investigate its statistical properties by employing phenomenological heuristic arguments, in combination with Sabra shell model simulations(More)
Falls are a common problem in the elderly population, and their prediction has been a major interest for the medical field. The relationship between stumbles and falls has not been very well understood yet. A critical requirement in advancing the study of this relationship is the realization of a realistic and effective stumble detection system. In this(More)
Real world phenomena often exhibit complex dynamics across space and time. Understanding such dynamics requires deploying sensors that provide relevant information about the observed phenomena. It is imperative to develop an efficient and accurate model, representing the complex spacetime dynamics, that can both inform sensor placement for efficient(More)
With the increasing innovation of the multimodal technology for interface of virtual environments the necessity to have a light computing environment to accept and not loss de interaction created. To create a way to including a speech resource in the systems without a misinteraction is the propose of this work. With this premise the work is to elucidate(More)
Clustering is one of the most important techniques of data mining. Clustering technique in data mining is an unsupervised machine learning algorithm that finds the groups of object such that objects in one group will be similar to one another and are dissimilar to the objects belonging to other clusters. Clustering is called unsupervised machine learning(More)
A recent trend on the automotive market is the incorporation of several driver assistance systems into common vehicles. Among the most studied systems, lies the cruise control (speed), either for platooning or to ease off driver's tasks. For the design of this controller, particularly when applied to large and heavy vehicles, a longitudinal model that(More)
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