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Genetic diversity in some species of hydropsyche (trichoptera, hydropsychidae) in central and southern Italy
Abstract The genetic differences in 32 populations of Hydropsyche belonging to nine species distributed in Sicily, and central and southern Italy were assayed by horizontal starch gelExpand
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The clade Ecdysozoa, perplexities and questions
A relatively new clade, the Ecdysozoa [Aguinaldo et al., 1997. Nature 387, 489–493] was raised based on the 18S ribosomal DNA sequences that indicate a close relationship between the moulting phylaExpand
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Ecology of the calling song of two Namibian armoured ground crickets, Acanthoplus longipes and Acanthoproctus diadematus (Orthoptera Tettigoniidae Hetrodinae)
The calling songs of the Namibian armoured ground crickets Acanthoplus longipes and Acanthoproctus diadematus were analysed and described for the first time. Some differences in the length of theExpand
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Biodiversity, Environmental Education and Social Media
The synergies between environmental education, technological innovations and social media are considered and reviewed. The possibility to use these synergies to create sustainable behaviors on aExpand
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The problem of the origin of primordial germ cells (PGCs) in vertebrates: historical review and a possible solution.
A concise review of the articles about the origin of primordial germ cells (PGCs) in vertebrates is provided. Differences among various taxa concerning the origin of PGCs, not easily understandableExpand
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A new species of Pselaphogenius Reitter, 1910 of the fiorii species group from southern Italy (Coleoptera, Staphylinidae, Pselaphinae).
Pselaphogenius chloe sp. n. belonging to the fiorii species group is described. The distribution of the 12 species belonging to this group is detailed and an identification key is provided. TheExpand
The use of the entomofauna in the studies of the Environmen- tal Impact Assessment (E.I.A.) and Assessment of Impact (A.I.)
The paper highlights the entofauna's role as not only as an indicator of the environmental quality, but also as an useful component in the studies of the Environmental Impact Assess- ment (E.I.A.)Expand
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Benefits in avifaunistic monitoring through the use of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in the Nature Reserve of Saline di Priolo (Sicily, Italy)
The photo-video technologies applied to UAV were used to monitor the presences of two nesting species in the natural reserve, Saline Priolo. A colony of more than 500 Flamingo specimensExpand
A study case of Assessment of Impact using the invertebrates
A study case of Assessment of Impact (A.I.) in regards to the project of achieving diaphragm containment for homogeneous areas T and V of the Gela Refinery is explained. The inver- tebrates were usedExpand
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Genetic and morphological differentiation in some populations of Armadillidium aelleni (Crustacea, Isopoda, Oniscidea), a cavernicolous species of the Maltese archipelago
Abstract Specimens of Armadillidium aelleni Caruso & Ferrara 1982, from four Maltese caves were morphologically and genetically examined. Twelve enzymatic systems for a total of 15 loci (Pgm, Me,Expand
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