Fabio Malaspina

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Research activities carried out at ENEA during the last few years allowed development of a Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) that is able to remove biologically organic waste, nitrogen and phosphorus and that showed to be particularly suited to obtain low effluent nutrient concentrations even starting from concentrated wastes. This plant, in more than one year(More)
This study focused on the impact of a recent soil pollution of diesel fuel on a site and its indigenous microbial flora. A pilot plant (0.5 m3) was set up and filled with a soil (about 700 kg), artificially and uniformly polluted with diesel fuel (7 g/kg). This plant was then chemically and biologically monitored during the whole experiment (about two(More)
Ozone and ion concentrations were monitored along with micrometeorological parameters in order to understand the impact on cultural heritage of the “Monastero Benedettino of San Vincenzo”. It is placed between Viterbo and Rome in the Sabatini mountains range. The importance of the site is established by the presence of many art treasures, like 3 frescos of(More)
The biological response of the tumor is expressed in terms of tumor control probability (TCP) and its dependence on the inhomogeneous dose distribution throughout the tumor volume is studied. The ideal dose level to which the prescribed dose must be referred is derived, by employing a formula based on the linear quadratic model. To administer the prescribed(More)
As the trend of traditional component devices having on-board intelligence with embedded programmable logic becomes prominent, this paper aims to introduce a well-positioned control technology - DeviceLogix. As a common technology, DeviceLogix has been widely adopted in a large variety of products on the market today. This technology addresses three major(More)
Stereotactic radiotherapy to treat neoplastic lesions or artero-venus malformations in the brain may be accomplished with a linear accelerator by performing several non-coplanar arcs of irradiation with a highly collimated beam focused on a fixed point. This paper introduces a system to perform treatment planning. It is based on a Personal Computer and(More)
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