Fabio M. Conti

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The main purpose of the present study was to learn how mathematical abilities are located and develop in the brain with respect to language. Mathematical abilities were assessed in six right-handed patients affected by aphasia following a lesion to their non-dominant hemisphere (crossed aphasia) and in two left-handed aphasics with a right-sided lesion.(More)
Selecting and maintaining an engaging and challenging training difficulty level in robot-assisted stroke rehabilitation remains an open challenge. Despite the ability of robotic systems to provide objective and accurate measures of function and performance, the selection and adaptation of exercise difficulty levels is typically left to the experience of the(More)
Neurocognitive therapy, according to the Perfetti method, proposes exercises that challenge motor, sensory as well as cognitive functions of neurologically impaired patients. At the level of the hand, neurocognitive exercises typically involve haptic exploration and interaction with objects of various shapes and mechanical properties. Haptic devices are(More)
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