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OBJECTIVES Chemical pleurodesis is an important therapeutic tool to control recurrent malignant pleural effusion. Among the various sclerosing agents, iodopovidone is considered effective and safe. However, in a recent study, ocular changes were described after iodopovidone was used in recurrent pneumothorax. The aim of the study was to evaluate the(More)
Laboratory tests from when the patient was first seen at the InCor emergency unit (in March 2013) revealed: 3.3 million red blood cells/mm3; hemoglobin 10.9 g/dL; hemocyte 33%; MCV (mean corpuscular volume), 100 fL; leukocytes, 4,260/mm3 (3,067 neutrophils, 213 eosinophils, 43 basophils, 809 lymphocytes and 128 monocytes); platelets, 146,000/mm3; CK-MB,(More)
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