Fabio Giudice

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OBJECTIVES To report 3 new cases of akinetic mutism, a clinical syndrome defined by silent immobility with preserved visual alertness not accountable by lesion of the areas and/or effector pathways of speech and voluntary movements. MATERIAL AND METHODS Anatomopathological studies were performed in Cases 1 and 2; clinical follow-up, EEG, angiography and(More)
OBJECTIVE The localized benign fibrous tumor of the pleura represents 8% of all benign pathologies of the chest and 10% of neoplasms of the pleura. The authors review the literature, and report on 15 cases of localized benign fibrous tumors of the pleura surgically treated over a period of 15 years to further knowledge of this pathology, its therapy and(More)
Seidel intramedullary humeral nail is locked distally by a spreading device and proximally by transverse cross locking screws. The main problems found in its use are: the loosening of the distal anchorage, even after X-ray verification of the correct expansion of the device; the formation of distal fractures, occurring even 1 month after the operation; the(More)
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