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Experience in the treatment of acute cholecystitis with percutaneous cholecystostomy in 29 high-risk and elderly patients is reported. The treatment group included 14 men and 15 women, 21 of whom were over 70 years of age. The suspected clinical diagnosis of acute cholecystitis was confirmed in all cases by ultrasonography (accuracy: 95.6%). The(More)
Congenital hepatic cysts are a frequent disease, symptomatic in 16-18% of the cases. The Authors report their personal experience about 4 cases and they make a review about 56 cases treated with ultrasonically-guided therapy. In 20 cases the therapy was simple aspiration, in 39 was alcohol sclerotherapy and in 1 was external percutaneous drainage. All the(More)
PURPOSE The objective of the present investigation was to longitudinally monitor stability changes of implants inserted using traditional rotary instruments or piezoelectric inserts, and to follow their variations during the first 90 days of healing. MATERIALS AND METHODS A randomized, controlled trial was conducted on 20 patients. Each patient received(More)
PURPOSE To analyze perspectively a set of 13 patients affected by femoral artery pseudoaneurysm treated with Us-guided compression. MATERIAL AND METHODS From January to December 1997 we observed 13 patients (7 females and 6 males; mean age: 67.4 years old) affected by femoral artery pseudoaneurysm which were treated with Us-guided compression. The(More)
Congenital hepatic cysts are a frequent disease, symptomatic in the 16-18% of the cases. The authors report a review of the literature of the last 20 years about 135 treated surgically patients with symptomatic and/or complicated hepatic cysts. They analyse the different models of treatment both surgical and conservative, referring in special way about the(More)
The authors report on their personal experience with percutaneous cholecystostomy (PC) in 36 cases of acute cholecystitis (AC). PC was successful in 34 cases, improving the clinical condition of the patients within the first hour following treatment and normalizing the laboratory data within 24-48 hours. Twenty-seven patients with calculous AC underwent(More)
Liver abscesses are a rare disease with 80-100% mortality in untreated cases. The advent of ultrasound in the clinical practice has improved the prognosis. Surgery for this disease has a percentage of complications of 15-52% and a mortality of 12-33%. In a review of the literature about 200 liver abscesses treated with ultrasound-guided percutaneous(More)