Fabio Fiorani

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The alternative oxidase (AOX) of plant mitochondria transfers electrons from the ubiquinone pool to oxygen without energy conservation. AOX can use reductant in excess of cytochrome pathway capacity, preventing reactive oxygen species (ROS) formation from an over-reduced ubiquinone pool, and thus may be involved in acclimation to oxidative stresses. The AOX(More)
Light curtain arrays (LC), a recently introduced phenotyping method, yield a binary data matrix from which a shoot silhouette is reconstructed. We addressed the accuracy and applicability of LC in assessing leaf area and maximum height (base to the highest leaf tip) in a phenotyping platform. LC were integrated to an automated routine for positioning,(More)
Modern imaging technology provides new approaches to plant phenotyping for traits relevant to crop yield and resource efficiency. Our objective was to investigate water use strategies at early growth stages in durum wheat genetic resources using shoot imaging at the ScreenHouse phenotyping facility combined with physiological measurements. Twelve durum(More)
Cercospora leaf spot (CLS) infection can cause severe yield loss in sugar beet. Introduction of Cercospora-resistant varieties in breeding programmes is important for plant protection to reduce both fungicide applications and the risk of the development of fungal resistance. However, in vivo monitoring of the sugar-containing taproots at early stages of(More)
In this work, we describe an approach for mapping the structure of a database schema to the structure of existing ontologies. The database contains plant traits values and plant experimental history. The goal is to identify the semantic correspondences between databases and ontologies and provide a tool that can be more broadly adopted by the community. The(More)
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