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BACKGROUND Falls in elderly people are a major health burden, especially in the long-term care environment. Yet little objective evidence is available for how and why falls occur in this population. We aimed to provide such evidence by analysing real-life falls in long-term care captured on video. METHODS We did this observational study between April 20,(More)
Hip fracture is rare in young adults, despite evidence that the energy available in a fall is sufficient to fracture the young proximal femur. This might be explained by protective responses that allow young individuals to avoid hip impact during sideways falls. To test this hypothesis, we conducted experiments with 44 individuals (31 women and 13 men) aged(More)
BACKGROUND Falls cause more than 60% of head injuries in older adults. Lack of objective evidence on the circumstances of these events is a barrier to prevention. We analyzed video footage to determine the frequency of and risk factors for head impact during falls in older adults in 2 long-term care facilities. METHODS Over 39 months, we captured on video(More)
Wearable hip protectors (padded garments) represent a promising strategy to decrease impact force and hip fracture risk during falls, and a wide range of products are currently marketed. However, little is known about how design features of hip protectors influence biomechanical effectiveness. We used a mechanical test system (simulating sideways falls) to(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare the accuracy of perceived postural limits between older fallers with good working memory and those with poor working memory. DESIGN Cross-sectional study. SETTING Research laboratory. PARTICIPANTS Thirty-three community-dwelling older adults with a history of falls. INTERVENTIONS Not applicable. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES We(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine long-term care (LTC) resident and staff perceptions on the decision to use hip protectors and identify the factors that influence attitudes toward hip protector use. Staff (N = 39) and residents (N = 27) at two residential care facilities in British Columbia, Canada were invited to participate in focus groups on fall(More)
BACKGROUND Fall-related injuries result in significant physical and psychological suffering to the affected individuals. The physical environment is considered to have an important role in falls. PURPOSE To conduct extensive review of and synthesize related literature, and to develop a conceptual framework to explain the relationship among falls, the(More)
A method for total calcium in serum was optimized, a dual double-beam atomic absorption spectrophotometer being used, with strontium as an internal reference. The effect of HCI and lanthanum concentrations on the signals of both calcium and strontium was determined. The final analysis was unaffected by known sources of interference in serum at a 50-fold(More)