Fabio Fabiani

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The results of plasma lipid and lipoprotein analysis in two related patients, brother (R.U.) and sister (R.R.) with analbuminemia, and three first-degree relatives (parents and sister) are reported. Both patients showed a remarkable increase in cholesterol and phospholipid levels, and there was a corresponding increase in serum apo B and apo A-I. This(More)
BACKGROUND Open colorectal cancer (CRC) surgery induces severe and prolonged postoperative pain. The optimal method of postoperative analgesia in CRC surgery has not been established. We evaluated the efficacy of preperitoneal continuous wound infusion (CWI) of ropivacaine for postoperative analgesia after open CRC surgery in a multicenter randomized(More)
Neurinomas of the hypoglossal nerve extending extra-cranially are rare; a schwannoma in a 63-year-old woman causing nerve palsy is reported. The tumour presented as a slow-growing mass in the right submandibular space; a surgical approach with transcervical exploration was performed. The post-operative course was uneventful.
Elderly cancer patients often require supportive care due to the physiologic decline of organs and apparatus linked with the aging process per se, and for the effects of tumor or of anticancer treatments. Pain and nutritional deficits are some clinical aspects requiring supportive care. Lack of studies on these latter topics does not allow an in depth(More)
Recent reports have suggested a possible association between HIV infection and primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH). We report the case of a HIV+ patient, without manifestations of the acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS), who presented with signs of elevated pulmonary arterial pressure.
Some years ago it was proved that a good percentage of small cell lung cancers, classified among cancers of the APUD system, produces somatostatin receptors that can be detected in vivo by scintigraphy with 111In-DTPA-octreotide. With the method in the whole body it is possible to identify the principal neoformation and the probable metastases. The authors(More)