Fabio Difonzo

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We consider several possibilities on how to select a Filippov sliding vector field on a codimension 2 singularity surface Σ , intersection of two codimension 1 surfaces. We discuss and compare several, old and new, approaches, under the assumption that Σ is nodally attractive. Of specific interest is the selection of a smoothly varying Filippov sliding(More)
This correction impacts also the value of γ in the stated Theorem, and proof, which should be simply given as γ = − 1 b−a (a − c). The revised proof is as follows. Proof. One needs to solve for c from the relation λ⊤B RλB = 0. This gives the quadratic equation for c: c2v⊤Rv + 2cμRv + μRμ = 0, and the appropriate root is the one identified above. The authors(More)
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