Fabio Di Trapani

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The fundamental period is one of the most critical parameters for the seismic design of structures. There are several literature approaches for its estimation which often conflict with each other, making their use questionable. Furthermore, the majority of these approaches do not take into account the presence of infill walls into the structure despite the(More)
Prenatal diagnosis of haemoglobin disorders is accepted to be a useful procedure to avoid births of infants with homozygous diseases. Advances in sampling and molecular techniques, such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) and chorionic villus sampling (CVS), have made earlier and safer first-trimester prenatal diagnosis possible. However, these procedures(More)
An innovative multiple isolation building system is proposed, and the influence of hardening in seismic isolators on the response of a multiple isolation building is investigated by shaking table vibration tests for a scaled structural model. From the observation in recent earthquake disasters in far-fault ground motions, e.g., the 2011 off the Pacific(More)
The opportunity to locate and quantify the major criticalities associated to natural catastrophic events on a territory allows to plan adequate strategies and interventions by civil protection bodies involved in local and international emergencies. Seismic risk depends, most of all, on the vulnerability of buildings belonging to the urban areas. For this(More)
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