Fabio Deelan Cunden

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We derive the joint distribution of the moments TrQ(κ) (κ≥1) of the Wigner-Smith matrix for a chaotic cavity supporting a large number of scattering channels n. This distribution turns out to be asymptotically Gaussian, and we compute explicitly averages and covariances. The results are in a compact form and have been verified numerically. The general(More)
We study the distribution of the mean radial displacement of charges of a two-dimensional (2D) one-component plasma in the thermodynamic limit N→∞ at finite temperature β>0. We compute explicitly the large deviation functions showing the emergence of a fourth-order phase transition as a consequence of a change of topology in the plasma distribution. This(More)
We study the Wigner–Smith time-delay matrix Q of a ballistic quantum dot supporting N scattering channels. We compute the v-point correlators of the power traces Q Tr k for arbitrary v 1  at leading order for large N using techniques from the random matrix theory approach to quantum chromodynamics. We conjecture that the cumulants of the Q Tr kʼs are(More)
We derive an analytical formula for the covariance cov(A,B) of two smooth linear statistics A=[under ∑]ia(λ_{i}) and B=[under ∑]ib(λ_{i}) to leading order for N→∞, where {λ_{i}} are the N real eigenvalues of a general one-cut random-matrix model with Dyson index β. The formula, carrying the universal 1/β prefactor, depends on the random-matrix ensemble only(More)
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