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Performance Evaluation of Container-Based Virtualization for High Performance Computing Environments
The use of virtualization technologies in high performance computing (HPC) environments has traditionally been avoided due to their inherent performance overhead. However, with the rise ofExpand
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A Performance Isolation Analysis of Disk-Intensive Workloads on Container-Based Clouds
The popularity of Cloud computing due to the increasing number of customers has led Cloud providers to adopt resource-sharing solutions to meet growing demand for infrastructure resources. As theExpand
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E-eco: Performance-aware energy-efficient cloud data center orchestration
The high energy consumption of data centers has been a recurring issue in recent research. In cloud environments, several techniques are being used that aim for energy efficiency, ranging fromExpand
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Green software development for multi-core architectures
Advances in computer architecture to provide higher parallelism (e.g. hyper threading and multi-core) usually incur in higher complexity in software development. Applications should be designed toExpand
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Evaluating container-based virtualization overhead on the general-purpose IoT platform
Virtualization has become a key technology that provides several advantages (e.g., flexibility, migration, isolation) for a plethora of computing infrastructures. However, traditional virtualizationExpand
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Modeling power consumption for DVFS policies
Power-aware management strategies are a trend towards achieving energy-efficient computing environments. One of the approaches behind those strategies is dynamic frequency and voltage scaling (DVFS).Expand
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Non-Invasive Estimation of Cloud Applications Performance via Hypervisor's Operating Systems Counters
The adoption of cloud computing environments as the infrastructure of choice for computing services is growing rapidly, due to features such as scalability and pay-per-use. As a result, more pressureExpand
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Orchestrating In-Band Data Plane Telemetry With Machine Learning
In-band network telemetry (INT) is an emerging network monitoring paradigm. By collecting low-level telemetry items in real time, INT can substantially enhance network-wide visibility - allowing, forExpand
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On the Impact of Energy-Efficient Strategies in HPC Clusters
Energy-aware management strategies are a recent trend towards achieving energy-efficient computing in HPC clusters. One of the approaches behind those strategies is to apply energy-saving states onExpand
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Modeling and simulation of global and sleep states in ACPI‐compliant energy‐efficient cloud environments
The more large‐scale data centers infrastructure costs increase, the more simulation‐based evaluations are needed to understand better the trade‐off between energy and performance and support theExpand
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