Fabio Crescimbini

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This paper presents a gearless wheel motor drive system specifically designed for fuel cell electric and hybrid electric vehicle propulsion application. The system includes a liquid-cooled axial flux permanent-magnet machine designed to meet the direct-drive requirements. The machine design implements techniques to increase the machine inductance in order(More)
The search for a compact, lightweight, and efficient energy storage system (battery and/or combination of other emerging technologies, including ultracapacitors, flywheel energy storage system, advanced batteries, and fuel cells) that is both affordable and has acceptable cycle life remains the major roadblock to large-scale production of EVs and HEVs. In(More)
The axial-flux permanent-magnet machine (AFPM) topology is suited for direct-drive applications and, due to their enhanced flux-weakening capability, AFPMs having slotted windings are the most promising candidates for use in wheel-motor drives. In consideration of this, this paper deals with an experimental study devoted to investigate a number of technical(More)
This paper deals with the design solution adopted for a high-speed axial-flux permanent-magnet generator devoted to supplementing power in automotive 42 V electrical systems through a low-voltage multilevel neutral-point-clamped converter. The axial-flux permanent-magnet generator is suitably designed to be directly coupled with a radial turbo-expander(More)
In hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) drivetrains an electrical generator is coupled onto the shaft of an internal-combustion engine (ICE) in order to process either the entire or a given fraction of the traction power required by the vehicle wheels. As such an ICE-driven generator is being confined within the vehicle hood and is exposed to heating resulting(More)
As consequence of the considerable increase of the electrical power demand in vehicles, the adoption of a combined direct-drive starter/alternator system is being seriously pursued and a new generation of vehicle alternators delivering power up to 6 kW over the entire range of the engine speed is soon expected for use with connection to a 42 V bus. The(More)
This paper deals with the design procedure of an LC-based output filter for three-phase inverters to be used in both off-grid and on-grid scenarios. The aim of this procedure is to provide guidelines and component selection criteria for reducing the inverter output switching ripple in order to limit the interaction with the control algorithm and to increase(More)
As required by international standards, the distributed energy generators, connected to the grid by an inverter, have to detect an islanding condition within a suitable time interval. In this paper, a phase-locked loop (PLL), based on a third-order prediction-correction filter, is proposed to implement an islanding detector with reduced detection time. Such(More)
This paper outlines the original solutions adopted for powering a nonconventional three-wheel electric vehicle. This is a lightweight vehicle for use in urban mobility with mission tasks such as 50-km/h cruising speed and 80-km range of autonomy. The propulsion system is based on a lead-acid battery-fed wheel direct drive. This is arranged with a 4.5-kW(More)