Fabio Conticelli

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In this paper, the problem of localizing a nonholonomic vehicle moving in an unstructured environment is addressed by the design of a novel nonlinear observer, based on suitably processed optical information. The localization problem has been shown to be intrinsically nonlinear, indeed the linear approximation of the system has diierent structural(More)
Computation of acoustic fields on a massively parallel processor using latice gas methods, " in Proc. Evaluation of ul-trasonic inspection and imaging systems for robotics using TLM mod-eling, " An analysis of freedman's " image pulse " model in air, " J. , " Visualising the reflection of a curved wavefront off a curved surface , " IEEE Computation.(More)
In this paper, a nonhonolonomic vehicle is stabilized to a desired pose through a wisual servoing technique. The vision-based regulation of the nonholo-nomic vehicle, we propose, is built through a discon-tinuous change of coordinates and Lyapunov-based design , which ensure asymptotic stability of the closed-loop visual system. A dynamic estimation(More)
In this paper we consider a complete dynamic model for the Sphericle", a spherical vehicle that has been designed and realized in our laboratory. The sphericle is able to roll on the oor of the laboratory and reach arbitrary positions and orientations, through the use of only two motors placed within the rolling sphere. In this paper, we report on the(More)
This paper presents a set of C++ libraries, called RTSIM, aimed at realizing a joint simulation of a continuous plant and of a real-time embedded controller. The libraries permit a separate specification of the functional behaviour of the controller and of the software platform to be used for its deployment. In particular, it is possible to provide an(More)