Fabio Chirillo

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OBJECTIVE To investigate transthoracic Doppler echocardiography in the identification of coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) flow for assessing graft patency. DESIGN The initial study group comprised 45 consecutive patients with previous CABG undergoing elective cardiac catheterisation for recurrent ischaemia. The Doppler variables best correlated with(More)
AIM To visualise the characteristics of ruptured plaques by intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) and to correlate plaque characteristics with clinical symptoms to establish a quantitative index of plaque vulnerability. METHODS 144 consecutive patients with angina were examined using IVUS. Ruptured plaques, characterised by a plaque cavity and a tear on the(More)
IMPORTANCE Postpericardiotomy syndrome, postoperative atrial fibrillation (AF), and postoperative effusions may be responsible for increased morbidity and health care costs after cardiac surgery. Postoperative use of colchicine prevented these complications in a single trial. OBJECTIVE To determine the efficacy and safety of perioperative use of oral(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the comparative diagnostic value of harmonic imaging (HI) in the assessment of patients with suspected infective endocarditis (IE). SETTING Tertiary referral centre. DESIGN 139 consecutive patients were evaluated with three imaging modalities: transthoracic echocardiography with fundamental imaging (FI); HI; and transoesophageal(More)
Because analysis of pulmonary venous flow (PVF) will be extensively used in comprehensive Doppler assessment of left ventricular diastolic function, this study was designed to (1) evaluate the feasibility of PVF measurement in 116 consecutive patients with various cardiac abnormalities by using precordial pulsed Doppler echocardiography; (2) Estimate mean(More)
Subtle or discrete (class 3 in the classification of the European Society of Cardiology) dissection is the most neglected variant of aortic dissection. This study was conducted to define the clinical manifestations, diagnostic findings, and outcomes of subtle or discrete dissection involving the ascending aorta. The clinical and surgical records,(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the diagnostic potential of transthoracic and transoesophageal echocardiography for the detection of traumatic cardiovascular injuries in patients suffering from severe blunt chest trauma. DESIGN Prospective study over a three year period. SETTING A regional cardiothoracic centre. PATIENTS 134 consecutive patients (94 M/40 F; mean(More)
AIMS Percutaneous coronary intervention with bare metal stent (BMS) in chronic total coronary occlusions (CTOs) is associated with a higher rate of angiographic restenosis and reocclusion than that observed in subtotal stenoses. Preliminary reports have suggested a better performance of drug-eluting stents in CTO. In this multicentre, randomized trial, we(More)
Noninvasive techniques often provide controversial results in patients who have coronary artery bypass grafts (CABGs). Vasodilator stress echocardiography allows semi-simultaneous imaging of CABG flow and segmental left ventricular wall motion. To assess the comparative and additive value of regional flow and function for noninvasive evaluation of graft(More)
Strategies to improve management of patients with native valve endocarditis (NVE) are needed because of persistently high morbidity and mortality. We sought to assess the impact of an operative protocol of multidisciplinary approach on the outcome of patients with NVE. A formal policy for the care of infective endocarditis was introduced at our hospital in(More)