Fabio Chiara

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The exhaust manifold pressure is a crucial variable for turbocharged Diesel engines, affecting the torque production and the emissions through variations in the EGR mass flow and in the residual mass fraction in the cylinder. This variable is therefore considered very relevant for closed-loop EGR and turbocharger control. However, in production(More)
Variable Geometry Compressors (VGC) have been recently considered as a solution for downsized, turbocharged engines to improve the stability of the compressor and increase its efficiency at low engine speed without compromising the operation at peak loads. This paper presents a system analysis of the air path dynamics of an automotive Diesel engine equipped(More)
Variable geometry turbochargers are a well established technology for Diesel engine systems to optimize the energy recovery over a large operating range. More recently, Variable Geometry Compressors (VGC) systems are being considered as a further improvement of automotive turbochargers for their potential of providing a more direct control over the(More)
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