Fabio Chaverri

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The CAREX data system converts national workforce volumes and proportions of workers exposed to workplace carcinogens into numbers of exposed in 55 industrial categories. CAREX was adapted for Costa Rica for 27 carcinogens and seven groups of pesticides. Widespread workplace carcinogens in the 1.3 million workforce of Costa Rica are solar radiation (333,000(More)
Pesticides are an extensively documented occupational and environmental hazard in Central America. Yet, severe problems persist. Toxic pesticide use in the Region increased during 1985-1999. High exposure levels and ineffectiveness of personal protective equipment evidence the difficulties for risk reduction. Acute poisonings remain a severe problem.(More)
Multiple exposures and rapidly changing use patterns are obstacles for adequate recall of pesticide exposures in epidemiologic studies. We present a simple stepwise approach for prioritization of pesticides as part of the exposure assessment strategy in an ongoing case-control study on pesticides and childhood leukemia in Costa Rica. Pesticide imports(More)
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