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Occupational noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) is well known to be an epidemiologically relevant problem. The subjects affected with NIHL show alteration of hearing thresholds as well as a worsening of the cochlear analysis functions and, usually, an impaired speech discrimination in presence of background noise. The study has evaluated the relationships(More)
Current medical practice for determining hemoglobin concentration (which is especially important for anemic patients in need of blood transfusion) involves frequent blood tests. In this work, we propose an alternative, non-invasive approach to hemoglobin estimation, based on image analysis of a specific conjunctival region. Our ultimate goal is to develop(More)
Previous evidence showed a 75.5% best accuracy in the classification of 120 Alzheimer's disease (AD) patients with dementia and 100 matched normal elderly (Nold) subjects based on cortical source current density and linear lagged connectivity estimated by eLORETA freeware from resting state eyes-closed electroencephalographic (rsEEG) rhythms (Babiloni et(More)
Modern web applications lack in flexibility when multiple medical data are shown at the same time. This could bring users to not consider important aspects of their health status and physicians to lose critical patients situations. The " Registro Elettronico Sanitario Person-ale " (RESP, in English " Personal Sanitary Electronic Registry ") is a prototype(More)
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