Fabio Carlucci

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It has been proven that mesenchymal stromal cells (MSCs) can differentiate into tenocytes. Attempts to repair tendon lesions have been performed, mainly using scaffold carriers in experimental settings. In this article, we describe the clinical use of undifferentiated MSCs in racehorses. Significant clinical recovery was achieved in 9 of 11 horses evaluated(More)
We recently found that Rottlerin not only inhibits proliferation but also causes Bcl-2- and Beclin 1-independent autophagic death in apoptosis-resistant breast adenocarcinoma MCF-7 cells. Having excluded a role for canonical signaling pathways, the current study was aimed to investigate the contribution of the AMPK/mTOR axis in autophagy induction and to(More)
Melt-extruded guides for peripheral nerve repair based on poly(epsilon-caprolactone) (PCL) were realised and their physico-chemical properties were evaluated. Preliminarily, PCL cast films were found to support the attachment and proliferation of Neonatal Olfactory Bulb Ensheating Cells (NOBEC). S5Y5 neuroblastoma cells were cultured inside PCL guides in(More)
In dogs, surgical removal of plant awns causing a foreign body granuloma or abscess may be challenging. The inability to localize the foreign body during surgical removal often leads to abscess recurrence. In this report, we describe ultrasound-guided retrieval as an alternative to standard surgical retrieval in animals where the plant awn can be identified(More)
A biocompatible and elastomeric PU was synthesized from low-molecular-weight PCL as macrodiol, CMD as chain extender and HDI as chain linker for applications in the field of peripheral nerve repair. PU cast films supported in vitro attachment and proliferation of NOBEC. The in vitro adhesion and proliferation of S5Y5 neuroblastoma cells on the inner surface(More)
In this paper, we investigated a third-party logistics (3PL) provider evaluation problem considering social sustainability as one of the important evaluation criteria. Since the 3PL service is mainly dependent on both transport vehicles and employees, managing them from the viewpoint of social sustainability has become a critical issue. Thus, 3PL providers(More)
Patellar luxation is the result of progressive structural abnormalities in the soft and/or skeletal tissues of the dog’s pelvic limbs. There is an alteration of the patella-trochlear groove interaction with negative effects on the stifle stability and extensor mechanism integrity, on the trochlear articular cartilage nutrition and the adequate trochlear(More)
Polymeric scaffolds were realised with linear degradable PU in the form of square, hexagonal and octagonal grids. They were characterised in terms of their mechanical properties. Analysis shows that the mechanical properties of the scaffolds depend on their geometries which are easily modulated using PAM. In vitro biological assays showed that PU promotes(More)
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