Fabio Buttussi

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OBJECTIVE Cardiovascular disease, obesity, and lack of physical fitness are increasingly common and negatively affect people's health, requiring medical assistance and decreasing people's wellness and productivity. In the last years, researchers as well as companies have been increasingly investigating wearable devices for fitness applications with the aim(More)
Sports and fitness are increasingly attracting the interest of computer science researchers as well as companies. In particular, recent mobile devices with hardware graphics acceleration offer new, still unexplored possibilities. This paper investigates the use of mobile guides in fitness activities, proposing the Mobile Personal Trainer (MOPET)(More)
Humanoid animation is a complex task which usually requires particular skills and training. To simplify this process we propose a visual tool, called H-Animator, which aims to help animators (especially the novice ones) in modeling X3D animations for H-Anim humanoids. Besides easiness of use, achieved through intuitive metaphors and interaction styles, we(More)
Mobile phones can persuade users to adopt healthy behaviors such as regular exercise. Monsters & Gold, a context-aware, user-adaptive mobile fitness game, runs on mobile phones to motivate and train users in jogging outdoors. The game dynamically presents virtual monsters, gold, and other items-according to factors such as users' heart rate, age, and(More)
The availability of more powerful mobile devices, sometimes equipped with graphics accelerators, is making it easier to experiment with mobile 3D graphics. In this paper, we exploit the main emerging standard in 3D rendering on mobile devices (OpenGL ES) to build a mobile player (called MobiX3D) for X3D and H-Anim content. The rendering engine of the(More)
Obesity and lack of physical fitness are increasingly common in adults as well as children and can negatively affect health. Regular physical activity, such as jogging or training in a fitness center, is recommended by physiologists to fight obesity and improve one’s fitness, but usually requires considerable motivation. Recently, researchers as well as(More)
Thanks to the increasing availability of consumer head-mounted displays, educational applications of immersive VR could now reach to the general public, especially if they include gaming elements (immersive serious games). Safety education of citizens could be a particularly promising domain for immersive serious games, because people tend not to pay(More)
OBJECTIVE Advanced life support (ALS) knowledge and skills decrease in as little as three months, but only a few ALS providers actually attend retraining courses. We assess the effectiveness of a 3D serious game as a new tool for frequent ALS retraining. METHODS We developed a 3D serious game for scenario-based ALS retraining. The serious game, called(More)
Fast and effective communication is crucial during medical emergencies, but patients' disabilities can make it a challenging task for emergency medical responders. This paper proposes a mobile system to deal with the communication barrier between medical responders and deaf patients. The system allows medical responders to quickly browse a collection of(More)
Sign languages are visual languages used by deaf people to communicate. As with spoken languages, sign languages vary among countries and have their own vocabulary and grammar. Therefore, the different deaf communities need a dictionary that associates signs to the words of the spoken language of their country as well as dictionaries which translate signs(More)