Fabio Braggion

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During the Asian financial crises, interest rates were raised immediately, and then reduced sharply. We describe an environment in which this is the optimal monetary policy. ∗Northwestern University and Tilburg University. †Northwestern University, and NBER. ‡International Monetary Fund. §Braggion thanks the European Central Bank-Research Department for its(More)
Glomerular and nonglomerular origins of hematuria may be identified by assessment of the shape and size of the excreted red blood cells. We examined 380 urine specimens from 179 children with hematuria (greater than or equal to 3500 RBC/minute) with phase-contrast microscopy. In 106 cases, the cause was known; the results agreed with the clinical,(More)
In perfect and complete financial markets Miller and Modigliani (1961) show that a firm’s value is unaffected by its dividend policy. Taxation, asymmetric information, incomplete contracts, institutional constraints, and transaction costs cause their theorem to fail in practice. We examine the effects of dividend policies on 323 securities that were listed(More)
Banks can deal with their liquidity risk by holding liquid assets (self-insurance), by participating in interbank markets (coinsurance), or by using flexible financing instruments, such as bank capital (risk-sharing). We use a simple model to show that undiversifiable liquidity risk, i.e. the liquidity risk that banks are unable to coinsure on interbank(More)
Adrenogenital syndrome (AGS) is the result of inborn enzymatic defects in the synthesis of steroid hormones. The production of cortisol is deficient and that of adrenocorticotropic hormone is increased. Sometimes male patients have clinically detectable testicular lesions, known as testicular tumors of AGS (TTAGS). From 1985 to 1991, scrotal ultrasonography(More)
Initially, voting rights were limited to wealthy elites providing political support for stock markets. The franchise expansion induces the median voter to provide political support for banking development as this new electorate has lower financial holdings and benefits less from the riskiness and financial returns from stock markets. Our panel data evidence(More)
Recent evidence shows that corporate policies change significantly following financial covenant violations. These changes are attributed to increased creditor influence over borrowing firms in ways that benefit both shareholders and debtholders. In this paper, I investigate whether shareholders engage in activities counter to creditors’ interests following(More)
We study how corporate financing evolved during the Twentieth century in Britain. We document a remarkable transition from single to multiple firm-bank relationships. Larger, global, or transparent companies with greater needs for bank credit were more likely to add a bank, especially when located in more competitive local banking markets. Deregulation and(More)
Glomerular basement membrane (GBM) width was measured in 13 children with benign familial hematuria (BFH) and in 13 controls (6 children and 7 adults), using a standardized procedure and examining 3 glomeruli in each case. GBM widths were evaluated by comparing arithmetic means and considering the frequency of segments with a thickness less than 150 and 200(More)
We study the effects of bank mergers and acquisitions in the U.K. from 1885 to 1925. The lack of a regulatory authority and the confidential nature of merger negotiations allows us to precisely measure the wealth effects of M&As in a laissez-faire environment. We find positive wealth effects for bidders (0.7%-1%) and targets (6.7%-8%) over the announcement(More)