Fabio Biagio La Torre

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Alterations of neuroendocrinological indices determined by the impaired regulating effects of cholinergic neurotransmission have been described in primary dementia. In this study we have evaluated the effects of acetylcholinesterase inhibition by pyridostigmine on growth hormone (GH), adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) and cortisol secretion and on their(More)
With the aim of determining the value of physical exercise as a provocative test for chest pain associated with gastroesophageal reflux, 67 patients presenting non-cardiac chest pain (normal coronary angiograms and no functional coronary artery alterations) with different characteristics (group A: at rest; group B: exertional or mixed-type) underwent(More)
The relationship between tarsocrural osteochondrosis (OCD) and presence of osteochondral fragments in fetlock joints has been previously investigated in racehorses, especially Standardbreds. The increased knowledge of the problem and the introduction and spread of arthroscopy probably reduced the negative effects of these lesions on racing careers. A large(More)
Regional wall motion impairment incurred by means of dipyridamole-induced ischemia, is regarded with higher sensitivity and specificity than the conventional findings in the ECG. Based on the latter considerations, a new test, the dipyridamole echocardiogram has been introduced in which the development of regional wall motion impairment is designated as the(More)
AIM Fibromyalgia (FM) is a persistent disorder that can have a devastating effect on patients' lives. The purpose of the study was to assess the effects of an interdisciplinary treatment for FM on patients' physical and psychosocial parameters. METHODS A randomised controlled clinical trial carried out among 153 patients. The control group (CG) received(More)
Sex steroid peripheral pattern, pulsatile luteinizing hormone (LH) secretion, gonadotropin and prolactin responses to LH-releasing hormone (LHRH) and thyrotropin-releasing hormone (TRH) were studied in 35 male epileptics treated with phenobarbital (PB), carbamazepine (CBZ), or phenytoin (PHT), and in age-matched healthy males. Idiopathic generalized(More)
Alterations in periodical functions are known to occur in aging and may be regarded as markers of the aging process itself. Melatonin and Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) circadian periodicities were studied in 22 aged subjects and in 13 adult controls. The study of rhythmicity was performed by the Cosinor analysis. Elderly subjects were hospitalized(More)
Deep neck infections (DNI) spread along fascial planes and involve neck spaces. Very few studies have investigated potentially prognostic factors using multivariate statistical models. Our aim was to analyze 282 consecutive cases of DNI using multivariate (logistic) statistical models to identify independent significant factors influencing prognosis in(More)
The low incidence of lesions affecting the medial malleolus reported in the literature can have been influenced by lack of specific radiographic views. The absence of fragmentation radiographically visible but the presence of abnormal pattern of radioluciency on the medial malleolus associated with joint effusion represent an indication for diagnostic(More)