Fabio Bartolini

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In this paper, the problem of how a decision threshold for a correlation-based watermark detection algorithm can be properly chosen is addressed; it is demonstrated that, if a water-marked image is attacked through signal processing techniques, the statistic of the correlation values changes, resulting in an higher false negative error probability than was(More)
The performance of different policy design strategies is a key issue in evaluating programmes for water quality improvement under the Water Framework Directive (60/2000). This issue is emphasised by information asymmetries between regulator and agents. Using an economic model under asymmetric information, the aim of this paper is to compare the(More)
The use of optical flow fields in image sequence analysis allows to perform motion-based segmentation as well as 3-D reconstruction. Many techniques for optical flow estimation are based on some global or piecewise global smoothness assumption. Other techniques compute the flow field based only on local information. In this paper a local algorithm(More)
The Thesaurus project, funded by the Tuscany Region, had among its goals the development of technologies and methodologies for archaeological search with Autonomous Underwater Vehicles working as a team in exploration missions. This has led to the design and realization of a new AUV class, the Typhoon, on the basis of the archaeological requirements, and of(More)
In the last years magneto-rheological dampers have been successfully used to realize semi-active suspension systems for automotive applications. Due to their dimension flexibility and the wide range of forces they can exert, these devices can be used even for railway applications, such as in the present work. This paper is focused on the design, evaluation(More)
research project, which analyses and compares the functioning of factor markets for agriculture in the member states, candidate countries and the EU as a whole, with a view to stimulating reactions from other experts in the field. See the back cover for more information on the project. Unless otherwise indicated, the views expressed are attributable only to(More)
The stability of industrial vehicles, such as forklifts and lifters, is very important from a safety point of view: these vehicles are subjected to variable loading conditions and their design is often optimized to privilege handling in narrow spaces, instead of stability. To study in deep the problem of vehicle capsize prevention, the authors developed a(More)