Fabio Barbon

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The run-time monitoring of Web service compositions has been widely acknowledged as a significant and challenging problem. In this paper, we propose a novel solution to the problem of monitoring Web services implemented in BPEL. We devise an architecture that clearly separates the business logic of a Web service from its monitoring functionality. The(More)
The ability to automatically compose web services, and to monitor their execution, is an essential step to substantially decrease time and costs in the development, integration, and maintenance of complex services. In this paper, we exploit techniques based on the “Planning as Model Checking” approach to automatically compose web services and synthesize(More)
Web services are rapidly emerging as the reference paradigm for the interaction and coordination of distributed business processes. In several research papers we have shown how advanced automated planning techniques can be exploited to automatically compose web services, and to synthesize monitoring components that control their execution. In this demo we(More)
While a lot of work has been done on the problem of the automated generation of plans that compose web services, the problem of monitoring their execution has still to be investigated. However, the run-time monitoring of web service executions is a compelling requirement, since it makes it possible to detect misbehaviors of external component services that(More)
A fibre-shaped glass with qualities of biocompatibility and biodegradation could be promising for reconstructive bone surgery in orthopaedics and neurosurgery. New highly biocompatible glasses, originally made by the Italian Group of Study on Biocompatible Glass, are obtained both in cylinder and fibre shapes due to their original chemical composition(More)
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