Fabio Augusto Salve Dias

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The purpose of this study was to compare three camera calibration approaches applied to underwater applications: (1) static control points with nonlinear DLT; (2) moving wand with nonlinear camera model and bundle adjustment; (3) moving plate with nonlinear camera model. The DVideo kinematic analysis system was used for underwater data acquisition. The(More)
In this study we aim at investigating the applicability of underwater 3D motion capture based on submerged video cameras in terms of 3D accuracy analysis and trajectory reconstruction. Static points with classical direct linear transform (DLT) solution, a moving wand with bundle adjustment and a moving 2D plate with Zhang's method were considered for camera(More)
A study of some morphological operators in simplicial complex spaces Uné etude de certains opérateurs morphologiques dans les complexes simpliciaux Thèse dirigée par Laurent NAJMAN Co-encadré par Jean COUSTYAbstract In this work we study the framework of mathematical morphology on sim-plicial complex spaces. Simplicial complexes are a versatile and widely(More)
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