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Centenarians represent a group of population displaying the most rapid expansion. This progressive increase of the presence of centenarians is a multi-factorial phenomenon, which is due to the improvements of the environmental conditions and the life style and also to the progress of the medical science. In order to obtain a more reliable estimate of the(More)
Statistical data of Italy, issued on 1st January 2005, show that Tuscany has a high percentage of elderly subjects, and that to reach 100 years is a common possibility, mainly for women. Comparable values appear for longevity index (LI%), either calculated on the basis of the various resorts above sea level, or on the basis of the number of inhabitants.(More)
The traditional mediterranean diet is associated with a hope for longer survival. It has also been shown that the red wine possesses a protective effect against the oxidative stress. We studied TAC, the DHEAS and the IGF-1 in a group of 26 healthy centenarians, 17 women and 9 men, of the age range of 100--105 years. Furthermore, we analyzed also serum urate(More)