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This paper studies the stability of the solution of backward stochastic diierential equations under small perturbations of the underlying ltration. The problem is interesting from the mathematical point of view, but also for its possible applications in Finance Theory, as it might represent a model to describe approximated information or inside information(More)
Pulmonary embolism (PE) represents a common disease in emergency medicine and guidelines for diagnosis and treatment have had wide diffusion. However, PE morbidity and mortality remain high, especially when associated to hemodynamic instability or right ventricular dysfunction. Prognostic stratification to identify high risk patients needing to receive more(More)
This paper presents COMPOSE, an open-source Platform as a Service (PaaS) for developing Smart City solutions based on connected objects. COMPOSE is built around open-source components that allow storing, streaming and processing of sensor data, communication with connected objects using M2M protocols, service discovery, data provenance and multi-tenancy,(More)
BACKGROUND Bronchiolitis guidelines suggest that neither bronchodilators nor corticosteroids, antiviral and antibacterial agents should be routinely used. Although recommendations, many clinicians persistently prescribe drugs for bronchiolitis. AIM OF THE STUDY To unravel main reasons of pediatricians in prescribing drugs to infants with bronchiolitis,(More)
OBJECTIVE Diagnosis of pulmonary embolism (PE) remains difficult and is often missed in the elderly due to nonspecific and atypical presentation. Diagnostic algorithms able to rule out PE and validated in young adult patients may have reduced applicability in elderly patients, which increases the number of diagnostic tools use and costs. The aim of the(More)
The COMPOSE project aims to unleash the full potential harbored by the Internet of Things by creating a complete ecosystem around it to enable the flourishing of a resulting Internet of Services, seamlessly integrating the real and virtual worlds. COMPOSE will achieve this through the provisioning of an open and scalable marketplace infrastructure, in which(More)