Fabio Albano

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— Ubiquitous computing has a number of compelling applications ranging from biomedical sensing to environmental monitoring. These computing systems require low cost sensor nodes with volumes <1mm 3 and lifetimes on the order of months or years. We advocate the use of aggressively scaled supply voltages in such applications to maximize energy efficiency.(More)
Available online xxx Keywords: Microbattery Integrated MEMS POWER Thin-film PVD Implantable a b s t r a c t was studied as a model system for an integrated, autonomous implantable device. In the present study, we had four objectives: (1) select and designing an optimized power supply for the WIMS-IOS; (2) develop a fabrication technique allowing small(More)
We have expanded and implemented an algorithm for selecting power supplies into a turnkey MATLAB code, " POWER " (power optimization for wireless energy requirements). Our algorithm uses three approaches to system design, specifying either: (1) a single, aggregate power profile; (2) a power system designed to satisfy several power ranges (micro-, milli-and(More)
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