Fabio Albani

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This paper presents an intuitive, precise and executable language, SCA-ASM, for model-based design and prototyping of service-oriented applications. The language combines the SCA (Service Component Architecture) capability of modeling and assembling heterogeneous service-oriented components in a technology agnostic way, with the rigor of the Abstract State(More)
A cDNA encoding a protein (B24) belonging to the Mcm/P1 family was isolated from the newt Triturus carnifex. In eukaryotes, the members of the Mcm/P1 family are essential factors in the DNA replication process. B24 protein (TcMcm3) is present in salamandrid ovarian oocytes and early embryos; its role was tested by injecting specific anti-B24 monoclonal(More)
In man there are 39 homeobox genes of the HOX family in four loci, HOXA, HOXB, HOXC and HOXD on chromosomes 7, 17, 12, and 2. We discovered the existence of two major alleles, termed a and b, of gene HOXB1. They differ at a specific position in the 5' portion of the coding region. Sequencing the two alleles revealed that the allele HOXB1A, contains two(More)
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