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Winner-take-all multiclass classifiers are built on the top of a set of prototypes each representing one of the available classes. A pattern is then classified with the label associated to the most 'similar' prototype. Recent proposal of SVM extensions to multiclass can be considered instances of the same strategy with one prototype per class. The(More)
In many applicative contexts in which textual documents are labelled with thematic categories, a distinction is made between the primary categories of a document, which represent the topics that are central to it, and its secondary categories, which represent topics that the document only touches upon. We contend that this distinction, so far neglected in(More)
Recent results in theoretical machine learning seem to suggest that nice properties of the margin distribution over a training set turns out in a good performance of a classifier. The same principle has been already used in SVM and other kernel based methods as the associated optimization problems try to maximize the minimum of these margins. In this paper,(More)
On behalf of all the people who made this conference happen, we wish to welcome you to this international event. During the past years the IFIP World Computer Congress offered an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to present their findings and research results in several prominent areas of computer science and engineering. This year, among other(More)
Mobile games represent a killer application that is attracting millions of subscribers worldwide. One of the aspects crucial to the commercial success of a game is ensuring an appropriately challenging artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm against which to play. However, creating this component is particularly complex as classic search AI algorithms cannot(More)